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Hey everyone out there in the blogosphere. I hope ya’ll are doing okay. I’ve been pretty busy, despite the summer laziness that is slowly setting into me. There’s cons to attend, cosplay to be done, and work to just complete. Besides that, I’ve just have had a lot of personal crap jump on top of me.

But besides that, good news! I attended the MOCCA (Museum Of Comic and Cartoon Art) Art Festival, where I got to meet the artists/creators of various comics and webcomics, such as Dinosaur Comics, A Softer World, Questionable Content, and Wondermark. My favorite meet, by far, was with xkcd creator, Randall Munroe (whom I got to take a picture with *squeals*). I’ve been a big fan of xkcd for a while now (I think some of you guys know that I transcribe for the comic), so it was an honor to meet him.

Besides that, nothing juicy has been really going on in my life. I’ve been trying to find inspiration for my blog, so I’ve been trying to write when something immedietely catches my attention. Recently, that has been while I’m on public transportation. I have a couple entries saved on my blackberry, so I’ll slowly post them here. I feel that a lot can be seen about a person while they’re “on the go.” It also seems just like one of those “missed encounters” incidents, where you’ll never really see the people around you again.

In any case, tons of interesting things happen on public transportation. You just have to look for them. Plus, it’s also a great way to find out things that piss you off. And with my handy dandy (notebook) blackberry, I can easily blog about it as it’s going on in front of me.

Also, my brother is a growing comic artist who draws “Sharpie the Awesome Dawg.” The Sharpie staff consists of him, Kawarazu and I, so I think you should go take a look.

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Picture of the Now

I was on the train recently (playing no other game except FF Tactics Advanced 2… typical), when a couple students hopped on the train and sat behind me. Between my moves, I was able to gather bits and pieces of their conversation, which was about their mutual dislike about the book “Twilight.”

I am very used to people bashing the book, but I still get rather aggravated about it. It’s not because I don’t like the book (Many of you may recall that I, too, did not enjoy reading the book), but because they are bitching and moaning about a book because OTHER people are bitching and moaning about a book.

Twilight, for example, is notorious for being “a badly written book that’s aimed at a prepubescent female group that squeal over shiny, sexy, immortal vampires.” Even Twilight-readers are aware of how the book is seen by others. However, if that’s the only reason you’ve been complaining about Twilight is because you’ve heard it’s a “badly written book about vampires,” you should NOT be complaining about them.

At least complain about something you know JUST A BIT ABOUT so you can hold some credibility. You don’t see me criticizing juggling stuff, because I have no clue how to juggle properly, and I know none of my arguments in that subject would have any credibility.

Back to Twilight. A book about vampires is not always a bad book. “Oh no, vampires are popular. They must be bad.” Twilight is not “a stain on modern literature” because it’s about fucking vampires. It’s because it’s full of contradictions with a plot that has more holes than Swiss cheese. If one simply did a little research, said person could EASILY find information. I’m not demanding that people finish reading/playing/using/watching any *insert-object-here* they are about to complain about. But at least do a little research on it before you bitch and moan.

I think it’s unfair that any writer/book, including Stephanie Meyers and Twilight, is bashed for their work by people who don’t know anything about said book other than maybe the name of the main character. This applies to movies, music, plays, technology… just about anything you can use to waste time. Like people who bitch about FFXI without having done any research on it. Or people who bash on Naruto without having even seen a good 5 minutes of it. You never know, it may end up being your guilty pleasure.

Yes, you do always have a “right” to open your mouth. But don’t expect to be right when you know abso-fucking-lutely nothing about the subject in question. It makes you look like a fool. And chances are, I’ll be in the seat behind you, inches away from choking you.


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Whoo Vampires! *bleh*

I’m back from Spring Break! I know, I already mentioned it, but being back has been pretty good, except for one thing. A lot of things have been going on, so here it goes:

This afternoon, my laptop fried. From what I gather, it’s the Power Supply, which I’ll need replaced. My warranty is still on it, so I’m good. But still, ARG! This puts me back many a days with work and stuff.

So, to kill some time with my angst without having a computer, I decided to take some pictures (results below). I also took some pictures with my brother.

Half Heart

Besides that, I also decided to make okonomiyaki with friends in Geneseo. I’ll be buying the ingredients down here, since you probably can’t find it upstate or anything (and besides, I really would rather go scavenging for ingredients here than in Rochester).

This is the recipe I’ll be using to make okonomiyaki. I did it once during a food fair many years ago, and I do eat it every so often, but this’ll be the first time I’m buying the ingredients and doing it super legit. I’m so excited.

I watched an interview with Ben Bernanke today as well, which really shocked me (he’s the FED Chairman, he’s not supposed to be doing interviews). Anyway, he makes a lot of good points, but I know they’ll be taken the wrong way. Which was thus proven by the assessment of the interview in the CBS 2 news.

And… I ran into a image site which has me going through more anime pics (omg ><). I saw a new picture of Saber Lily, which is the “light” version of Saber from Fate/Stay Night (Saber Lily comes from Fate/Unlimited Codes).

Anyway, since I’m on Spring Break and I got shit to do (plus, it’s not my laptop), this is probably going to be a much smaller rant. Thank you for everyone who has been progressively commenting on my work (especially the hair thing. It really threw me off, but I’ll remember to get out more reviews of hair stuff when I start using more).

Also, I do have a twitter account (due to some people in college… and a lot of people back at home telling me they got one). My account name is xocomint.

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Today, my best friend (and essentially my twin) told me that she saw Twilight, the movie and decided to order Twilight the series.

I’m not sure what to make of this. The tutor/teacher in me is telling me it’s a good thing, since people are actually picking up a book and reading. Girls, anyway, are picking up books and reading. But the gamer/reader/writer/everything else in me is screaming to burn every Twilight book ever.

Let me backtrack.

I like novels. I’m a fan of good writing, and I enjoy reading. My literary criticism and my commentary-type work is much better than my creative writing. But this only makes me appreciate and enjoy good writing ever the more.

I used to be a decently big fan of Anne Rice, prior to her born-again Christian moment. I read all her vampire books (not her witch ones, interestingly), and I do like my vampire novels. I even like Dracula, even though that was more about the hunting of Dracula than actually him.

Anyway, Twilight is a poor excuse of a gothic romance novel about vampires that play baseball and fall in love with what they like to eat. A grave portion of the novel is about a girl (Bella) who is somehow magically obsessed with a guy who keeps pushing her away. They go to high school (High School Musical: Shiny Vampire Edition), which is how they met. So, later, he ends up “growing to like her” for no reason than her obsession with him. Then, he admits to her that he’s a vampire.

Now. Vampire. The typical vampire has only two requirements: Drinks blood & dies in the sun. Everything else (the garlic, the super-human strength, the bats, the everything else) is pretty much dependent on what legends you read, and what the vampire is supposed to be in the novel, as prescribed by the author.

TWILIGHT VAMPIRES DO NOT DIE IN THE SUN. In fact, they sparkle and shine and go outside and hang out with everyone. They’re not even like, cool vampires. They drink animal blood and play baseball.

Okay, back to the storyline. There’s another vampire coven (aka vampire family) that gets together and ends up liking Bella. Now, these group of vampires are like “Well. If you’re not going to eat her, I will” (whoo, go badass vampires), and Edward is all “NO, SHE’S GOING TO BE MY BABYDARLINGHONEYPIESWEETIE.” Some crummy and poorly written fighting moments happen (most of which I skipped), and, at the end of the book, they go to prom together.

The other books are worse than this. Spoilers are covered because I’m not sure if people actually read this and give two shits about Twilight, but I’m being polite:

So then Bella makes a friend with a werewolf, and then has to choose between wolf-boy and shiny-vampire. She chooses shiny-vampire, obviously, because everyone loves vampires *gags*. Then, she becomes a vampire and has a baby and the whole world wants to kill her baby at first, but then decides not to because something was proven wrong and everything ends happily ever after.

The movie is even worse. Here is a really good description of the movie, long story short. At least with the book, there are some half-assed excuses for some of the things, and I think there’s an attempt to make being a vampire look like a curse (Yes. Being a vampire is actually SUPPOSED to be a curse, not a super cool thing that will make all women swoon over you).

I mean, yes, I know people have right to read, write and watch what they want, but it’s just aggravating to think that the average girl thinks of Edward as the ideal guy. A jackass who hates her and only obsessed with her later because she dotes on his every whim.

Goodness gracious, girls don’t make sense. They want to be independent, and they claim that men always try to control them and abuse their feminine nature. But then, they obsessed over a female main character that swoons over a guy who keeps throwing her away.

I wonder why all vampires are supposed to be super pretty. I mean, what happens to the really ugly vampires? Do their families throw them out in the sun to burn up because they have a crooked nose? I know in World Of Darkness, they at least try to explain this with the idea that some covens only choose beautiful people because those certain covens are shallow and obsessed with that kind of stuff (plus, there are some ugly as fuck vampires in WoD).

Anyway, this was much longer than I had hoped, and I was really trying to shorten everything, but there it is. Twilight the novel is poor. Twilight the movie is 100x worse.

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