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Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a splendid and wonderful winter season. There hasn’t been a lot of snow up here, but it has been rather windy (and chilly as all fuck), so we get all the crummy cold weather without the actual fun snow stuff.

I’ve been working hard in actually doing well for my classes. Finals are coming up (which also means winter break is coming up, hurray), so I’ve been stressing about upcoming exams, presentations and papers. Next week will be my “finals week,” so apologies in advanced if I do not come up with some magical post. As much as I love writing here (and I assure you, I do), I’d really like to pass my classes. That’d really be awesome.

Other than that, things have been kinda slow. It’s sort of “the calm before the storm” so I’ve been taking advantage of the time by… cramming for exams. So much for calm before the storm.

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A couple days ago, I started (and finished) watching an anime called Toshokan Sensō (English Translation: Library Wars). The anime is situation in an alternate-universe Japan where a law called “The Media Betterment Act” allows censorship of various books to protect the Japanese public from “harmful media.” Through the Media Betterment Act (MBA), the government is allowed to use force (sometimes excessive) to censor media that is deemed harmful and to suppress the freedom of media/speech/expression. During the same year, however, the government developed the “Freedom of Libraries Law” (a far less known law) that protects libraries from prosecution from the MBA and allows for limited freedom of expression (through media). Out of this law, The Library Defense Force is created to protect the freedom of media by backing up copies of limited books, opening public libraries (that are free from MBA control) and aiding in the protection of books by preventing book burnings and helping transfer books from one library to another. Their jurisdiction, however, is limited only to libraries, and they are not government funded like Media Betterment Troops.

But this post is not supposed to be a review of the anime (which, by the way is very good; I highly suggest it to anyone who has a couple hours to kill). A lot of the anime has to do with allowing us the freedom to express ourselves and making sure the audience realizes that we shouldn’t take things like that for granted. Because we live in a society that expects the freedom of speech and press, we tend to take it for granted. Having the freedom to say, do, write and act as you want (so long as it isn’t detrimental to yourself or others), is a powerful resource. By taking it for granted, the American public has allowed the integrity of expression to fall to the wayside. Instead of using it as a tool to propel progressive thinking and new ideas, the freedom to express one’s beliefs has become a defense mechanism to protect disorganized thoughts and biased opinions, as if they were fact.

And it is because we take the freedom of expression for granted that we are unable to see the importance in our words and actions, especially with regards to expressing our beliefs. We don’t see the importance in our words, because we are free to say what we want. But we should realize that, by being able to say what we want, we are opening ourselves to a community that has as much right as we do to respond and counter-argue. It also means that we should own up and take responsibility for our words and expressions, and we should put more thought into what we’re actually expressing, saying or writing.

But the opposite has happened. Instead, we use the freedom to express as an excuse to say and do as we want. The freedom to express doesn’t mean that any moron can blabber their head off to the rest of society, and it certainly does not mean he (or she) is right, and it has never (and should never) be used as a tool for poorly written ideas and work. It ruins the integrity of innovative fields, fills the world with poorly written ideas and works and destroys the meaning of “Freedom of Expression.”

Is it so much to ask for people to think before they project their opinions, thoughts and comments to the rest of society? It is so much for people to consider their actions, or put a little effort into properly expressing themselves? Apparently so, because I’m sure there would be a barrage of people who will complain that they have every right to say that people can say what they want because they have the freedom of expression on their side.

Yes, the freedom of expression allows you to say what you want, but realizing that you CAN say what you want should encourage you to put some work into thinking about what you’re saying. Consider doing some research on your topic, take other opinions into account, WORK to really make use of the freedom of expression.

The poor and biased writing and expression of today’s society makes me wonder if the American public even deserves the Freedom of Expression. For every gem that comes out of free expression, tons of shit comes out. And no, this does not make the gem look any brighter. In fact, it simply just covers the gem up in shit, so that no one can find it. Not many people are willing to wad through a sea of disease-infested crap to find the one diamond, no matter how wonderful it (the diamond) may be.

Not only do we need to take advantage of the gift of free speech, but we must understand as US citizens and residents that the freedom of expression comes with the responsibility of self-education and a little common sense. Perhaps it just proves that we, as a society, are incapable of using this freedom in a responsible and mature way,


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Hey everyone out there in the blogosphere. I hope ya’ll are doing okay. I’ve been pretty busy, despite the summer laziness that is slowly setting into me. There’s cons to attend, cosplay to be done, and work to just complete. Besides that, I’ve just have had a lot of personal crap jump on top of me.

But besides that, good news! I attended the MOCCA (Museum Of Comic and Cartoon Art) Art Festival, where I got to meet the artists/creators of various comics and webcomics, such as Dinosaur Comics, A Softer World, Questionable Content, and Wondermark. My favorite meet, by far, was with xkcd creator, Randall Munroe (whom I got to take a picture with *squeals*). I’ve been a big fan of xkcd for a while now (I think some of you guys know that I transcribe for the comic), so it was an honor to meet him.

Besides that, nothing juicy has been really going on in my life. I’ve been trying to find inspiration for my blog, so I’ve been trying to write when something immedietely catches my attention. Recently, that has been while I’m on public transportation. I have a couple entries saved on my blackberry, so I’ll slowly post them here. I feel that a lot can be seen about a person while they’re “on the go.” It also seems just like one of those “missed encounters” incidents, where you’ll never really see the people around you again.

In any case, tons of interesting things happen on public transportation. You just have to look for them. Plus, it’s also a great way to find out things that piss you off. And with my handy dandy (notebook) blackberry, I can easily blog about it as it’s going on in front of me.

Also, my brother is a growing comic artist who draws “Sharpie the Awesome Dawg.” The Sharpie staff consists of him, Kawarazu and I, so I think you should go take a look.

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Picture of the Now

I was on the train recently (playing no other game except FF Tactics Advanced 2… typical), when a couple students hopped on the train and sat behind me. Between my moves, I was able to gather bits and pieces of their conversation, which was about their mutual dislike about the book “Twilight.”

I am very used to people bashing the book, but I still get rather aggravated about it. It’s not because I don’t like the book (Many of you may recall that I, too, did not enjoy reading the book), but because they are bitching and moaning about a book because OTHER people are bitching and moaning about a book.

Twilight, for example, is notorious for being “a badly written book that’s aimed at a prepubescent female group that squeal over shiny, sexy, immortal vampires.” Even Twilight-readers are aware of how the book is seen by others. However, if that’s the only reason you’ve been complaining about Twilight is because you’ve heard it’s a “badly written book about vampires,” you should NOT be complaining about them.

At least complain about something you know JUST A BIT ABOUT so you can hold some credibility. You don’t see me criticizing juggling stuff, because I have no clue how to juggle properly, and I know none of my arguments in that subject would have any credibility.

Back to Twilight. A book about vampires is not always a bad book. “Oh no, vampires are popular. They must be bad.” Twilight is not “a stain on modern literature” because it’s about fucking vampires. It’s because it’s full of contradictions with a plot that has more holes than Swiss cheese. If one simply did a little research, said person could EASILY find information. I’m not demanding that people finish reading/playing/using/watching any *insert-object-here* they are about to complain about. But at least do a little research on it before you bitch and moan.

I think it’s unfair that any writer/book, including Stephanie Meyers and Twilight, is bashed for their work by people who don’t know anything about said book other than maybe the name of the main character. This applies to movies, music, plays, technology… just about anything you can use to waste time. Like people who bitch about FFXI without having done any research on it. Or people who bash on Naruto without having even seen a good 5 minutes of it. You never know, it may end up being your guilty pleasure.

Yes, you do always have a “right” to open your mouth. But don’t expect to be right when you know abso-fucking-lutely nothing about the subject in question. It makes you look like a fool. And chances are, I’ll be in the seat behind you, inches away from choking you.

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And now that I have your attention.

A couple of things have happened this week/week-end, so I’ll try to fill it all here. Because a couple things have happened, I’m using this blog more as a blog than as a rant center today (I’m sure there will be much rantage, but it’s more about my “experiences in my personal life” rather than a broad topic like “economics” or “boobies”), so please excuse my jumping around between different topics. I am a normal person, I am not worldly (or, well, I don’t consider myself to be), and I do have real life shit to vent about every once in a while.

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This weekend, I went to an Anime Convention held in RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). It was one of the smaller conventions I’ve ever gone to and very much reminded me (in both a good and bad way) why I went to anime conventions as a whole (and why I probably shouldn’t).

One of the biggest reasons why I go to Anime Conventions is to envelope myself in anime. Anime love, fandom (in all its gutsy glory), Anime merchandise… you get my drift. Anyway, I didn’t feel Tora-con really shoved me into Anime, but all is not lost! I did discover mushi-shi, which is/was one of the screenings they had, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends (watching fat pool divers, making the human transfiguration circle, making fun of masquerade skits), but it wasn’t a convention that “stood” out for me, and there were a lot of problems that I found with the convention (which were reminders of why I went to time-tested conventions like Otakon).

First thing first, the planning left much to be desired, especially with the registration situation. Renting out a few banisters or posting tape along the gym path could have definitely helped with the mess they liked to call “the registration line” (aka, a bunch of people humping each other to get to the front). I suppose I have never appreciated lines as much as I did then. Even New York Anime Fest 2007 (it’s first con ever) was better planned with regards to registration.

Secondly, and this is partially their fault but partially not, was the torrent of young con-goers between the ages of 9 to 13. I will say, my first Anime convention was when I was 13, but my parents kept me IN LINE at all times, and the parents that brought these kids around did NOT do that. Most of the time, I barely saw the parents. And there was scantily clad jailbait from the floor to the roof.

These two “issues” alleviated themselves near the end of the convention (children leaving cause it got late, registration closing, and all that good stuff), and I did have a lot of good times during the con. I feel that Tora-Con is an interesting “introduction” to the world of Anime Conventions and definitely has a lot of potential and room to grow. I also think the staff needs to accommodate for the growing audience.

One of the best things that Tora-con did for me was pump me up for the following Anime conventions I’m going to, mainly Otakon. For one, I will truly appreciate the organization of Thursday’s Line-Con and the pre-planned blue duct tape that lines the floor to organize panel lines. Thank you Otakon volunteers for all you do, even if you’re just doing it for the free room.

Oh, and I’m super excited to see what Otakon has in store with regards to concerts, screenings and sellings (DEALER’S ROOM, HERE I COME). OTAKON 2009 HERE I COME!

So, post-con, I’ve been catching up on watching anime (mainly Mushi-shi) and watching TV shows (mainly South Park). Then, some drama goes down (I’m sure you all already have your own bullshit drama to deal with so I’ll be quick).

Remember that blog post I had? I’ll link it here. I’m sure that a few folks knew enough to know that I was talking about someone specifically (and if you didn’t, never fear! Now you do! Sides, my ramblings have to come from SOME life experience). In any case, my blog is open to anyone and everyone, so I knew that there could be a day when said person would pass along by and possibly read this. In fact, I hope said person would. So today, I quote from a girl who demands to be treated like a woman but acts like a toddler (excuse the poor language, I am using the magic of copy pasta and her writing is about as on-par as her thought process):

“fuck all of you who write shit & LIES behind my back AND DONT EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME and those who take thier side go to hell don’t ever talk to me again you should have talked to me in person not someone who doesn’t know shit about me or my past FUCK YOU FOR JUDGEING ME”

“Humans are selfish they will do anything to prove themselves innocent and even involve others to take sides they will do anything to be right and wether they lie or twist the truth they won’t care even if it means to shatter everything that had a meaning, so desperate to win that it leads to a war and become enemies […] You only have yourself to blame for this. If this is what you wanted congratz you won.”

Like I said, let’s try to ignore the English language problems that already drop her down to teenage-brat standards. The attitude is of the same caliber as her writing: poorly thought out, childish and immature. If you don’t think people know about you, open up. If you think people judge you unfairly, show them something that is irrefutably good. If it is CLEAR that many people dislike your attitude, it isn’t human nature is selfish, it is you YOURSELF, as a person, who chooses to have this close-minded attitude about other people. And if you STILL want to argue about this, have a little common sense and bring in some evidence. Even with my ranting, I try to bring in examples, anecdotes and ideas.

Plus just shouting to the world about how other people are selfish and “involving others against me” makes the whole argument seem bratty and stupid.

Debaters and fans of arguments, this is NOT the way you go about proving your side or cause. And please, PLEASE, just use a grammar check or a spell check. It’s okay to capitalize a word or two (hell, I use it all the time to place emphasis on a word). It is not okay to have run on sentences slaughter-fuck your point. It only furthers the proof of your sheer stupidity. My 13 year old students wrote better than that.

And enough with the generalizations. Not all white people are racist haters, not all anime fans are super core nerds. Not all comp sci majors live on computers (subject may vary) and not all hicks ride tractors to school. And saying something like “humankind” or “humans” or even “the world in which we live in today” is so broad and generalize and… altogether a bad way of starting anything. You don’t do them in history papers, you don’t do them in English papers, you don’t do them in debates. I think the message is clear enough.

Now the real meat of her statement. I feel that when she writes, it’s like a puzzle you have to get through to find the pointless and over-dramatic meaning underneath (no wonder nobody reads her status on facebook). I think the point is that humans are selfish creatures who are willing to sacrifice humans to make enemies with other humans to win a war? Excuse me?

Well, for one, a war can’t be fought by one person alone. Even if a general wants to sacrifice troops, he still has to check that he has enough back-up troops or other troops. If each general on one side sacrificed one soldier against the other, the one with more people would win. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be making enemies in a war since, well, you’d have less humans to sacrifice. And what’s at the end of this war? If humans are selfish, at least point out what they’re fighting for. Humans arn’t stupid (well, usually arn’t stupid). Most humans arn’t going to sacrifice other people for no reason. It isn’t even practical. You’re sacrificing humans for no reason when they could be used elsewhere.

The topic has strayed. My point is, if there’s no “war” to be had, there’s no point in throwing things into the fray. Humans don’t live to make enemies. What benefit do I have in making an enemy or winning a purposeless war?

I’m sorry for the obscene rantage about… well… nothing and something in particular? Just the sheer stupidity of this argument is mind boggling. I never knew someone could complain so much about nothing and make so much nonsense up. It’s like shit was pulled out and then shat on some more.

Not to mention it’s a slaughter fuck of the English language. No language should be so mangled up like that.

And so, to the child I quoted above, I can only say these final words:

I’m sorry that you could not have been brought up in a more difficult situation. It is your spoiled upbringing that has led you to believe that enough pig squeals will get you what you want. But in the real world, you play with people who have such things as intelligence and social awareness, which you may not know of. The is a world outside of yourself, and all you have to do is open your mind to realize that.

Instead, you fill your heart with hate, blaming the rest of society for your own faults. You refuse to acknowledge any wrong in your own beliefs because you’ve been doted on far too long. Like a toddler who’s sucked on a pacifier too long and now has to have it taken away, you’re screaming for it. And you won’t learn that you have to fucking go up and get it yourself until people stop handing it back to you.

I don’t blame myself for any poor and foolish decisions you’ve made, because you’ve clearly blocked out any opinions others may have of you. You’re only a god in your own world, and I am perfectly fine with that. Go be your god.

But don’t you ever fucking dare bring your immaturity and arrogance to mine again. I’ve dealt with your bullshit whining long enough. The last thing I need to be is a god damned baby sitter.

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Bah, so I’m sorry for not posting. As always, I’m up to my neck with work. I had a NEACURH conference last weekend, and this coming weekend is the District Convention for NYCKI (all these acronyms!). It’s been a lot of organizing and planning and last minute work, so I really apologize for not being able to post as often and as long as I’d want to.

Also, I’m wearing glasses! I don’t have any contacts left (I’m getting them shipped up to me), so I’ve been roaming around with glasses, which has been very odd for me. I’ll try to take a picture or two when I remember.

Ahh. So something to blog about… *tries to think about something that’s been bothering her lately*

I’ve been really running a blank about thinks to complain about (economics, politics, women and bad hair are consistently on that list). If anyone has any new ideas, feel free to tell me ( ;D ). This post will act as my Sunday post.

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I’ve been taking a look at myself recently (I know a lot of people have been in that self-reflective state), and wondering what it is that has made me the way I am. And not the good aspects, or the bad ones, just… me being myself, I suppose.

Within this self-reflection, I realized that one of the big reasons why I feel such an urge to do community service, especially with kids, is because I’ve always felt that I’ve lacked some kind of childhood. A good one, anyway. I always had to take care of the home, take care of my brother, and take care of living to the point where I had become an adult at some obscenely young age. I guess it’s personally upsetting to think that other kids have to live the same way I did.

It sucks to know that kids are growing up faster and faster each day, and sometimes not in the right way. There are far too many kids with parents who are either too strict or too lenient. The ones who are too lenient are scared about becoming strict because their child would grow away from them. The ones who are too strict are scared that their child is going to stick their toe out of the god damned line.

Perhaps it was a good thing that I grew up too fast. I knew the ways of right and wrong by learning them myself.

But anyway, the immaturity of teenagers, students, kids (whatever you call them) is not due to parents being too strict, or too loose. They’re simply just WRONG about taking care of kids. They’re scared that the child is going to be “molded” the wrong way. That’s not to say that I think I’m an expert on taking care of kids. Far from it. I just think there are a lot of things that parents, mine included, do wrong. Then they blame the school, or the surroundings, when in fact, it is their inability to listen to their child’s need and inability to see their child as a person (rather than as their child).

Your child is not an extension of yourself.

Yes, your child is your family. Your flesh and blood, and you are his/her caretaker. But the child is not you. By pushing your desires onto your child, you’re not teaching him/her. You’re choking your child. You’re essentially forcing yourself upon your child (mind rape?).

The children who are products of bad parenting can be easily categorized. Here are some examples (there are mixtures of them):

The Brat – Sweet 16-type kids who are spoiled beyond belief and think they can have everything their way
The Rebel – Kids who decide to completely stray away from their parents and do things because their parents don’t want them to.
The Closet Case – Kids who are socially isolated from society and will not know how to deal with “going out into the world” (I always think of college students who can’t do laundry)
The Clinger – Daddy’s Little Girl or Mama’s Boy -type. I separated them from Closet Cases because I think of Clingers as not “socially unaware,” just clingy.
The Dream – Children who are forced into an occupation (singer, lawyer, doctor) because that was their parent’s aspirations.

And beyond just being categorized, there are simply tons of problems with bad parenting, and they go from one end of the spectrum to the other. For example, a child may be so angry with her parents that she will choose to never speak to her parents. In that situation, family bonds are completely severed. On the other end, there could be a child that is so dependent on his parents that he’ll be living with them till he’s 35… and then some.

One of the bigger reasons why I complain about the parenting and not the child himself/herself is because not all bad parenting results in bad children. I know plenty of beaten and abused kids who turn out to be wonderful people, and plenty of spoiled kids who are aware of how spoiled they are and appreciate how their parents love them (AND learn to take responsibilities in other fields, like in extracurricular activities). But I also know that all these kids could have turned out terribly were it not for good friends, a good environment in school, or plain luck. Besides, it is the parent that worries about parenting at the age of 12, not the child.

I’m no parent, but at least I know some rights and wrongs of taking care of children simply by being around kids, and parents and mixes of both.

And, off topic, I don’t intend on being a parent for many a year.

For a topic like this, I feel like I can’t rant without giving some solutions to how you can avoid bad parenting (although I doubt any of you readers are parents anyway! *haha*):

– Don’t judge your child based off what he or she does. Just because your child got a 65 on his exam doesn’t mean he’s a bad or rebellious student, and that you should beat him.
– Learn to say no. The kid has to learn that there are some things he or she simply cannot have.
– Teach responsibility. Have the child take care of chores (or a pet) and give them good and bad consequences for responsibility (or lack of).
– Balance work and play. Your child is not a robot who can work on dance steps, vocals and math all the time.
– Don’t feel bad taking away things. This goes along with the “Learn to say no” and “Balance work and play.”
– Punish bad behavior. The whole fucking world is obsessed with “Award good behavior” and all that stuff, but people neglect punishing kids for bad behavior. It’s the forever-forgotten other side.
– Listen. This applies more and more as your child grows. A child does not simply mature in body (breasts, periods, deeper voices), but in mind. It is important to let that child develop his or her own ideas.

I mean there are tons more, and there are tons of (badly written) books on parenting. One of my biggest suggestions is to take a look at your childhood, and how you’ve grown, then reflect on what you took away from such a childhood.

And, for all you college students, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT. ;D

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