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So I’m getting my computer fixed today (Dell may not have very good over-phone support, but they sure are fast as fuck). I’ll be able to post tomorrow if all goes well, but I decided to do some small blurb today, to keep you all entertained (because you all can’t wait until the next time Mint posts, right… RIGHT?!)

My post has been getting shorter and shorter (save the hair one, oddly enough), and I’m really sorry. Free time has always been, and will probably always be, a luxury for me. I’ll try to write more.

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Today, I roamed around Flushing for a bit on the search for munchies. There’s something different between the style of Asian candies and munchies as opposed to American ones. I mean, there’s the clear difference that Asian candies are ASIAN and American candies are AMERICAN. But there’s just a different feeling between eating shrimp crackers and lays chips.

Whenever I watch anime, I always have the crazy urge to have some sort of asian snack by me. And no, I don’t mean pocky, since everyone and their mother eats pocky when they watch anime (seriously, people trample each other for pocky).

Which goes into the topic of today: POCKY.

First thing first, what is pocky? Pocky is, essentially, some sort of cracker that is dipped in a flavored chocolate. The two major “flavors” of pocky are: strawberry (with artificial strawberry pieces) and chocolate. There are other flavors, like milk and honey. There are also different types of pocky. For example, there is a Men’s Pocky (Dark Chocolate Pocky) and Almond Pocky (pocky that has almond pieces and is THEN dipped in some type of chocolate). The original pocky is made by Glico, and is very popular (both in Japan and America. I’m not sure about other countries). Overall, pocky is pretty cheap and can be bought easily in your local Asian super market for the low price of $0.95. If you buy it in bulk online, it can come even cheaper (from what I’ve been told, as low as 65 cents).

Since then, there have been variations of pocky made by other companies. A gallery of pocky can be seen here.

As I have mentioned above, pocky is very popular in Japan. Pocky is equally popular in America, especially with anime-fans. I have experience, first-hand, a horde of anime/gaming fans trampling each other to death, trying to get a box of pocky.

I don’t understand the super fandom that comes along with pocky. Yes, I cannot deny that it is a very good tasting snack, and is wonderful to eat while you’re watching anime, but it is nothing you should kill other people over. And it is certainly not worth buying for $4.00-$5.00 (which is the general going price for pocky in anime conventions).

As someone who used to sell pocky for obscene amounts of dollars to otakus with a lot of money, I don’t see this (the selling of pocky for overpriced amounts) to be horrendous. The otakus should know better than to buy pocky for $3.00 (which is what I sold it at, IN MY VERY OWN SCHOOL).

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, since I used to make a significant amount of money from my group of people. But it’s slightly aggravating, knowing this is the community that I’m part of. Being associated with morons who buy candy and food simply because it’s Japanese.

Making it Asian doesn’t make it super-good tasting.

And there are loads of other Asian snacks. One thing I do like about Asian snacks is that they’re sweet, as opposed to the popular salty chips of Western culture (I know that there are Asian snacks that are salty, and American ones that are sweet, I’m making a super generalization). Pocky isn’t the only snack out there; there are many gummies, crackers and hard candies that can be found in your local Asian supermarket that may even tickle your tastebuds more than pocky will.

Anyway, I’ll be up and away for a bit, and I’ll try to write something out on Thursday, so I hope to see you all then!


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