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Hello everyone. I’m still on break, but I discovered this article while reading several reputable and not so reputable news sources. My schedule this semester is pretty full, so I have yet to determine a good time for me to post on a continual basis. However, this academic semester has started of well, and I look forward to continually providing my poor and possibly useless commentary to an audience who may or may not exist.

Several things to look out for:

1) The State of the Union Address (for the United States of America), is this Wednesday. I encourage all of you to listen to it or watch it (probably the latter). I think it is extremely relevant to any person who lives in America. Many people have been complaining about the continual war, or asking questions like: “What is the country doing to fix the economy?” Well, this is a perfect time for people to learn what topic the president is actually concentrating on. Is he putting all his efforts into supporting a health care bill, or is he concentrating more on the new supreme court ruling? Liking politics or not is immaterial at this point. It’s about knowing what is actually going on, and being educated enough to recognize the importance of finding things out for yourself.

Besides, I always found it was rather stupid that people liked to make commentary about what they knew near-nothing about. For example, people who love American Democracy without realizing that American runs on a Republic system. Or commentating on the “international free market” when it doesn’t exist. Or complaining about the American economy without doing a little research. Reading blogs (even mine) may be insightful, but I would hardly consider it research.

2) I’m going to try cutting back on the actual length of my posts. Usually, my rants will last about 1000 words, which is good (I suppose) for people with nothing better to do. But, I feel it is more beneficial for me to learn how to write less while still relaying the same amount of information than it is to write whatever the hell I want for over 9000 (yes, I went there) words.

Course, it didn’t really work today, because I’ve seem to have hit past my intended mark of 500 today. Man do I need to shorten these “precursor complaints.”

‘Oral sex’ definition prompts dictionary ban in US schools – Guardian.co.uk

I understand if an elementary school wants to ban Catcher in the Rye, or if a public school is comfortable with carrying, say, copies of playboy. Heck, I even understand how a protected/limited search engine would ban you from searching for Shel Silverstein (although it is more of a “I can see people programming this poorly” than as an actual ban). But dictionaries? Because they contain definitions of sexually explicit words?

Please, like you would use the word coitus to explain how you created your child in the first place.

I thought it was interesting how parents dream of their kids growing old and getting married and possibly having kids of their own, when the very same parents are terrified that their child will learn (oh goodness, that dreaded word), about SEX. Yes, perhaps kids shouldn’t learn about sex when they’re 4 or 5, but they’ll have to understand what it is eventually. Children do grow up. Many will have sex eventually, probably far before you realize they’ve lose their virginity. Trying to remove all possible relations to any connotation of sexual interaction will only serve to feed their ignorance. Or, encourage their rebellion.

When will it be time to teach a child about sex? As much as we would like to think that “they’ll just know” or “we’ll know when they’re mature enough,” the world does not work that way. There is no telepathic connection that sends a signal to your brain that says “your child is ready to know about sex.” By continually viewing children as, well, children who are incapable of “understanding” the complexities of sex, not only will children realize they can no longer learn from their parents, but they will move onto other sources. Perhaps not so wonderful sources (unless you guys seem to believe that music videos and dictionaries are a good way to educate children about sex).

Which leads me to another question. When it is time for a child to learn about sex, where will he or she learn it? The school? A dictionary? The side of a cigarette carton? I’d hope not. I would think that children would be able to trust their parents enough, at whatever age they are at, to learn about what sex is. Perhaps, if more parents took the time to explain sex without either avoiding it or depending on other sources to teach it, we would have fewer pregnant preteens.

In any case, it is ridiculous to have the notion that your child will always and forever be pure and free of sexual thoughts and influences. By educating and teaching your child when they ask about sex (whether they discover it through a dictionary or a friend), you (as a parent or future parent) will be able to explain what sex is before they think that sex is something akin to a mash of hentai, playboy, rap videos and dictionary explanations.


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Sorry I skipped last week’s blog post! Everything is still trying to patch together, as far as my schedule is concerned. I have been working diligently in class (blah blah, good student, blah blah), and it’s been doing me well so far!

Until today, when I woke up with a cold. This, to risk not having it blossom into a ridiculous 2 month long flu (which, if anyone knows me, it always does), I’m skipping a class to nip it in the bud. Hence why I’m here at 11:35AM when I should be in my Asian Theatre Survey class. Hurrah.

In any case, the post below was written in my sociology class last Thursday. It was around then that I considered writing two blog posts (to make up for last week). SO, if you happen to see another post sometime in the afternoon, do not be alarmed.

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Picture of the Day

During my sociology 100 class (since all fun and odd things happen there), I spent my time observing a girl who sat two seats down and one seat right of me (she sat in the front row). She seemed like the “I want to be unique” type, complete with faded blue hair dye, studded belt and worn-out backpack (which had H.I.M.’s heartagram logo painted in wite-out… that’s right, she’s a rebel). he was answering calculus questions on her Mac by plugging it into google and researching it on Wiki / Yahoo Answers.

No, this is not a post about my poor use of time in sociology class. The reaosn why I bring this up is because she was so… bothering. She never said a word to me, she never looked my way, but her simple existence made me want to cringe. I was throughly repulsed by her black nail polish, clichĂ© Celtic rings (which adorned every finger, including thumbs), and cleaned-up converse shoes, and it bothered me enough to spend my precious time (HA! PRECIOUS!) taring at the back of her head (which was two seats down and one seat right from myself). Why? Why was I so bothered by this girl?

It’s because she was like everyone else. This very much reminds me of my blog post about Individuality (to be like everyone else), since I guess she was trying to fight the mainstream “conformist” attitude and it, in the end, made her mainstream herself. I wasn’t even as bothered by the popular girls (with their short shorts and ditzy attitudes). Perhaps it was because these popular girls were OKAY with being mainstream, while the other chick was so insistent on NOT being mainstream that she became like everyone else. It was like a poor imitation of the punk-rebel attitude for, well, sake of being fake punk rebels so they don’t have to be popular (when, in actuality, they still want to be popular and well liked among their peers).

Not that anything is wrong with being unique, or rebellious. But, for whatever reason, being “rebellious or unique” is a new fashion trend. It takes precedence over being happy, or comfortable, and true to yourself. And, through this importance of “being difference” and “not conforming to the man,” a new group has emerged. Said group has, essentially, standardized all that is now being considered “rebellious.” What happened to being rebellious for the actual fact that conforming was just plum dumb? Conforming into another group doesn’t make you a rebel from mainstream society!

What makes this especially irritating is that it STILL insists on being punk-rebels. That’s their selling point: Want to be rebellious? Join us, and you won’t have to worry! Anarchy tattoos and poorly done hair jobs! Just add hot water! But they still have a set of social norms, they’re still exclusive to “punk-goth-rebels” only, and I don’t think Hot Topic is very different from A|X in that their main selling point is their label (the difference? I can manage wearing A|X because they actually make wearable clothing).

I feel the saying, “You are what you hate,” applies only too well here. These people, who bathe in their ability to rebel and be unique, are exactly like their preppy counterparts. They just exchange white shoes for dirty converse and badly stitched up belts (I also couldn’t help but see the similarities between preppy plaid and Punk Plaid).

In conclusion, I want to end with this brilliant and marginally relevant xkcd comic:

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I had a particularly difficult time deciding on what to write today. And, for once, it’s not because I have so few topics but, rather, I have so many. And by many, I mean two. My initial intention was to write about community service, since I haven’t finished the rant of yesteryear (my previous blog post). However, it seemed like the topic of the week was “boobs” or rather, complaining about boobs. So, how could I resist writing about such a juicy topic? For those of you weak of heart… or brain… feel free to completely skip over this post. Oh, and no pictures of bare boobies. I have SOME decency. *sad face* If you want fap material, look elsewhere.

In any case, said community service topic will be postponed till I’ve had my say on breasts (or part of it anyway, since if I really wrote about everything I had to say about breasts, I’d have a wonderfully written and probably sexist book on bewbage).

For those of you looking for a snack, Walmart is also selling boxes of candy for a dollar in Geneseo (and I mean boxes, not bags). Such candies include starburst sour gummies, sour patch kids, whoppers, gobstoppers, and M&Ms.

I, myself, am currently eating a very unhealthy bag of Twizzlers (I will stop now, since I need to maintain my figure for a certain Rinoa costume). Much thanks to the men and women who have helped make this blog post possible with your continual commentary on them pleasure pillows.

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Picture of the Now

Oh man… so I have no idea where to begin. “My own breasts” are definitely on the top of a list of things that women complain about, usually with regards to size. I sure as hell know I complain about my breasts all the damn time (this is probably due to my inability to find bras my size and because of cosplay). To see a very good post directed at women about the size of boobies, I direct you to An Ode, To Natural Beauty.

As a fan of breasts myself, I would dare to say that the phrase “bigger is better” does not apply to breasts all the time. For one, a lot of it has to do with proportions. A smaller pair of breasts may work out PROPORTIONALLY with a smaller body frame. Having huge knockers on a small body frame may not be attractive.

Plus, anything past a certain size is too much. I like breasts that can fill my hand, not overflow it. I only have two hands to work with, and any more titty surface is wasted titty surface (I think this is why the variety of “choice breast size” is different per person… each person has a different hand size). In any case, “FF” or “G” breasts are really not the way to go. Like these. I’ll ignore the fact that they’re implants (which is a whole onslaught of NO itself), and just point out that these titties are far too big. They cause back problems and are a hassle to deal
with when running or, well, going around anywhere.

A lot of this thinking about titties, other than the obvious, stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend, Alex, about breasts in bras and how we have a distorted image of said breasts because, well, they’re stuffed into a bra. We decided to deem this situation as “The Lump of Coal Pandemic.” A description of said pandemic can be found here:

The Lump of Coal Pandemic
You know on Christmas morning when you run downstairs and there’s a beautifully wrapped present underneath your tree? It’s just for you, wrapped together with gorgeous trimmings, all waiting to be ripped for the ridiculously expensive and wonderful gift. Hell, it may even be in the shape of a bike, just waiting to be ridden (that’s what she said).

You tear that present apart, and I mean really dig your fingers into it. The packaging come flying off in an instant and you stand back to admire your handy work. And you look down…

and it’s a lump of coal.

That’s exactly what it feels like when you open the bra to a visually gorgeous pair of tits (in a bra) and they just… sink. Kind of like the sinking feeling in your chest when you see them.

And onto this breast implant thing. Breast implants, in my opinion, are not attractive. It’s one thing to get them because of breast cancer, some illness, removal of one breasts, whatever. But to increase your boob size for the sake of? Why? WHY? They’re horrendously fake and horrendously hard. Like rocks on your chest hard. One of the biggest joys of breasts is being able to sleep on them, sqeeze them, use them as cushion-y pleasure pillows…

I’m getting side tracked. The point is, boobies are supposed to be soft. Why defile them by filling them with silicone. There are tons of complications and you have to go back and replace your titty bags every so often because, damn, those things expire. And then they’re not sensitive anymore (did I mention when you’re having sex on top, you may knock the guy unconscious with your swinging jugs?), thereby not making them as fun to play with.

And there are some gorgeous breasts that are out there and are small, which goes back to PROPORTION. Huge DDs on a little Asian girl would not be particularly attractive (then they sag, and get stretch marks and look really funky and all that stuff).


Like her. She’s not particularly top heavy, but still very attractive. There’s always this mentality that bigger boobs are sexier, but they’re not. There are SO many things that go into how breast fans view titties that size can practically be thrown out the window. Like, for myself, I like breasts that look squeezable, but not necessarily big. Breasts that fit in my hand, breasts that stand up for themselves, and breasts that scream to be groped (my friend, on the other hand, very much concentrates on how perky a pair of titties are and how cute the nipples are… you see! MANY things go into thinking about titties).


See? Another small chested beauty. You don’t need knockers the size of the moon to draw attention.

Plus, there are many ways to make your breasts appealing without sticking some cups in them. For one, you can buy more push up bras to encourage cleavage. They don’t have to be Victoria Secret UBER SEXY FROM THE CLOSET WITH WINGS ATTACHED bras. A simple bra with a little push at the bottom will work (hell, I will HELP you make push up bras if you need them).

You can work out your pectoral muscles behind your breasts to push them out and give them added firmness. Bench press (for once in your god damned life) or push ups will help you develop the pectoral muscles behind your breasts, thus pushing out your titties. Plus, a good work out will keep your body in shape, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.

To make a long story very short (I know, tl;dr), please celebrate your breasts. If you’re a guy and you have a girlfriend, appreciate her titties. If you’re a guy and you don’t have a girlfriend, appreciate the titties you get to see around you (except from afar, no groping strangers). And if you wish you had bigger or better or whatever titties, work on it. A cup of silicone is NOT a quick fix.

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All of a sudden, I seem to have a lot to complain about something. And a lot has been going in my life (it’s been very bitter sweet). It all kind of comes down to two things: people and school (I mean, doesn’t everyone always complain about these things?).

With the school-relevant work, I’ve pretty much mentally decided everything out, and my next post(s) will be in reference to that. But what I’m blogging about today is people. More specifically, immature and childish people who demand the attention of a 5 year old brat. I am reminded of the post I had made earlier about parenting, and how bad parenting leads to badly brought up children (whether they grow up too fast or never at all).

I know people can’t help the way they are, but it’s so indescribably aggravating when all you do is complain about other people and decide to act emo because THE WHOLE WORLD IS WRONG AND HATES YOU. And nothing is seemingly going your way.

Besides that, I made okonomiyaki, which was a lot of fun. I’ll put pictures up later.

By the way, Phil(ip) wanted to inject himself by saying he was here:
“:P Philip was here :P”

Thanks Phil.

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So yes. People.

I like to think that I am a patient person, especially with other people. I work pretty well with people and I feel that I can work well with others.

But sometimes, all it takes is a single straw.

It seems everywhere go, someone is always mentally disabled. ALWAYS. And it’s completely one thing to be clinically diagnosed with a mental disease and something completely different to take an internet quiz and realize that you are. Or to have your friends tell you that you are.

I suppose the big one now-a-days is depression. Everyone seems to have depression, everyone seems to suffer bouts of depression. And I’m not saying that people don’t get depression, or bouts of depression, but everyone in the god damn world does not suffer from depression, and no one should be using depression as an excuse to cry out to the world for attention. Clinical depression is a DISEASE and no one wants to have that, whether they receive sympathy from someone else or not.

Attention. Sympathy. Empathy. Care. These are things we want, but I feel (like all good things), we have to earn these (just as we have to earn respect, freedom and worth). To baw and cry because you have not received enough attention is to be immature. If you want attention, do something that deserves it. Don’t cry out about how the world does not love and understand you!

That’s another thing, the phrase “people don’t understand me, and people don’t like it when I open up to the world because my friends turn their backs on me when I open up,” really bothers me. Yes, friends are there when you need them, and they’re there to lend a helping hand. But a friend is not a counselor, a friend is not a free psychiatrist, and you should not just go to that friend for support only when you need it. And certainly not all the time. If I were to meet someone, and all they talked about were depressing things and how society hates them, I feel that they had NOTHING to talk about except, well, depressing things and how society hates them. There’s hardly any room to see any good side since the other person DOESN’T TALK ABOUT A GOOD SIDE.

On top of that, that person (the “someone” I spoke about) would simply be talking about himself/herself. It would be self-hating to get pity or sympathy from the rest of society. And we, as individuals, can only sympathize so much. A heart of gold still only has so much gold to give. And I understand that each person needs attention from other people, but I feel that those people (those “someones”) refuse to believe that idea and think it’s all about “me me me me me.”

And it drives me bonkers.

But, going back to this “people don’t understand me,” thing. I wonder what drives these people to think their situation is unique and uncontrollably terrible. And most of the time, it’s exaggerated. It’s THIS that makes me think of bad parenting, because the majority of people that I deal with that are like THIS usually have very giving parents (note that I say giving and not good). They are parents who give their kids the world, practically spoiling the kids. And when I mean practically, I mean they are. They give their kids all the attention those kids want, and those kids turn to the world and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.

But what happens when they don’t? Those kids don’t know how to do much except cry and complain about how the world is unfair. And the world IS unfair, but not specifically to that child or person. The world is unfair to everyone, and the individual’s pains and sufferings cannot be held at a higher priority than another’s. Especially when the pain and suffering is about “baw the world hates me because my friends betrayed me and wanted to watch a different movie, which means they don’t accept what I like and don’t appreciate me!”

It’s this immaturity that makes me wonder if the world is really going to be all right in the future. These are people who complain about how society doesn’t appreciate them and love them because not all of the world will accept what they’re like. And, instead of sucking it up or doing something to change themselves, they insist that the rest of the world is wrong.

It is a very rare occurrence when only one person is right and the rest of the world is simply uncaring and unkind to that one person’s personality. But said person insists on manipulating the situation to make it seem like they themselves are being discriminated against because the outside world is unfair.

The people who spur on these attention-needy whores (I know by blogging here I become one of them, so stop saying *blah blah you’re spurring them on to complain because you’re giving them attention*) by saying “I understand how you feel, you’re not alone in this world, society just doesn’t understand people,” seem to fail to realize that the society is MADE OF PEOPLE and thus are probably the most likely to understand people. *shrugs*

And so to those children (whether you may be 13 or 23, if you act like this, you’re still a fucking child to me) who complain about how the world forces you to be someone you don’t want to be:

Please. Grow up. The world doesn’t give half a shit if you are a preppy queen or a goth tranny. Aonnd you can’t always be the center of attention at all time. I know I personally won’t give two shits if you were having a good day, or if you were having one of those faux suicidal (the world hates me and I want to die!) days. And yes, the world will accept you for who you are, but if you keep complaining about how the world doesn’t, then it really just shows that YOU PERSONALLY arn’t comfortable with who you are, and maybe it’s time you took a second to look at yourself instead of complaining about the rest of society.

Oh, and before you say “IT’S NOT FAIR.”

Please. Grow some balls.

“cause everyone else excepted too much from me

“thats a lie just cause everyone else can why am i included im not! besides I have a disorder but i guess that doesnt count either but guess what IT DOES
cause it effects MY BRAIN the way i think! but no i am a normal person so i should be expected to learn and do it by now”

Attention Whore. make english go baddd.

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Bah, so I’m sorry for not posting. As always, I’m up to my neck with work. I had a NEACURH conference last weekend, and this coming weekend is the District Convention for NYCKI (all these acronyms!). It’s been a lot of organizing and planning and last minute work, so I really apologize for not being able to post as often and as long as I’d want to.

Also, I’m wearing glasses! I don’t have any contacts left (I’m getting them shipped up to me), so I’ve been roaming around with glasses, which has been very odd for me. I’ll try to take a picture or two when I remember.

Ahh. So something to blog about… *tries to think about something that’s been bothering her lately*

I’ve been really running a blank about thinks to complain about (economics, politics, women and bad hair are consistently on that list). If anyone has any new ideas, feel free to tell me ( ;D ). This post will act as my Sunday post.

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I’ve been taking a look at myself recently (I know a lot of people have been in that self-reflective state), and wondering what it is that has made me the way I am. And not the good aspects, or the bad ones, just… me being myself, I suppose.

Within this self-reflection, I realized that one of the big reasons why I feel such an urge to do community service, especially with kids, is because I’ve always felt that I’ve lacked some kind of childhood. A good one, anyway. I always had to take care of the home, take care of my brother, and take care of living to the point where I had become an adult at some obscenely young age. I guess it’s personally upsetting to think that other kids have to live the same way I did.

It sucks to know that kids are growing up faster and faster each day, and sometimes not in the right way. There are far too many kids with parents who are either too strict or too lenient. The ones who are too lenient are scared about becoming strict because their child would grow away from them. The ones who are too strict are scared that their child is going to stick their toe out of the god damned line.

Perhaps it was a good thing that I grew up too fast. I knew the ways of right and wrong by learning them myself.

But anyway, the immaturity of teenagers, students, kids (whatever you call them) is not due to parents being too strict, or too loose. They’re simply just WRONG about taking care of kids. They’re scared that the child is going to be “molded” the wrong way. That’s not to say that I think I’m an expert on taking care of kids. Far from it. I just think there are a lot of things that parents, mine included, do wrong. Then they blame the school, or the surroundings, when in fact, it is their inability to listen to their child’s need and inability to see their child as a person (rather than as their child).

Your child is not an extension of yourself.

Yes, your child is your family. Your flesh and blood, and you are his/her caretaker. But the child is not you. By pushing your desires onto your child, you’re not teaching him/her. You’re choking your child. You’re essentially forcing yourself upon your child (mind rape?).

The children who are products of bad parenting can be easily categorized. Here are some examples (there are mixtures of them):

The Brat – Sweet 16-type kids who are spoiled beyond belief and think they can have everything their way
The Rebel – Kids who decide to completely stray away from their parents and do things because their parents don’t want them to.
The Closet Case – Kids who are socially isolated from society and will not know how to deal with “going out into the world” (I always think of college students who can’t do laundry)
The Clinger – Daddy’s Little Girl or Mama’s Boy -type. I separated them from Closet Cases because I think of Clingers as not “socially unaware,” just clingy.
The Dream – Children who are forced into an occupation (singer, lawyer, doctor) because that was their parent’s aspirations.

And beyond just being categorized, there are simply tons of problems with bad parenting, and they go from one end of the spectrum to the other. For example, a child may be so angry with her parents that she will choose to never speak to her parents. In that situation, family bonds are completely severed. On the other end, there could be a child that is so dependent on his parents that he’ll be living with them till he’s 35… and then some.

One of the bigger reasons why I complain about the parenting and not the child himself/herself is because not all bad parenting results in bad children. I know plenty of beaten and abused kids who turn out to be wonderful people, and plenty of spoiled kids who are aware of how spoiled they are and appreciate how their parents love them (AND learn to take responsibilities in other fields, like in extracurricular activities). But I also know that all these kids could have turned out terribly were it not for good friends, a good environment in school, or plain luck. Besides, it is the parent that worries about parenting at the age of 12, not the child.

I’m no parent, but at least I know some rights and wrongs of taking care of children simply by being around kids, and parents and mixes of both.

And, off topic, I don’t intend on being a parent for many a year.

For a topic like this, I feel like I can’t rant without giving some solutions to how you can avoid bad parenting (although I doubt any of you readers are parents anyway! *haha*):

– Don’t judge your child based off what he or she does. Just because your child got a 65 on his exam doesn’t mean he’s a bad or rebellious student, and that you should beat him.
– Learn to say no. The kid has to learn that there are some things he or she simply cannot have.
– Teach responsibility. Have the child take care of chores (or a pet) and give them good and bad consequences for responsibility (or lack of).
– Balance work and play. Your child is not a robot who can work on dance steps, vocals and math all the time.
– Don’t feel bad taking away things. This goes along with the “Learn to say no” and “Balance work and play.”
– Punish bad behavior. The whole fucking world is obsessed with “Award good behavior” and all that stuff, but people neglect punishing kids for bad behavior. It’s the forever-forgotten other side.
– Listen. This applies more and more as your child grows. A child does not simply mature in body (breasts, periods, deeper voices), but in mind. It is important to let that child develop his or her own ideas.

I mean there are tons more, and there are tons of (badly written) books on parenting. One of my biggest suggestions is to take a look at your childhood, and how you’ve grown, then reflect on what you took away from such a childhood.

And, for all you college students, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT. ;D

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