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I really should be writing my sociology paper (journal) on racial/gender/group stereotypes, but I stopped reading after a charming little research paper called “New Racism” by a professor in Duke. Were you to put that noun (charming little research paper called…), it would be soaked and dripping in some visual representation of SARCASM.

The paper discusses how white supremacy still resigns supreme in a less direct, more “kind” form, which the professor (Eduardo Bonilla-Silva) describes as “New Racism.” He goes on to describe how this new form of white supremacy is imposed most on the middle-class African-American community, and how the white community has created “safe minorities” such as Colin Powell.

He then goes on to talk about affirmative action and how white people don’t support it because they’re not supportive of equal opportunity (which apparently affirmative action promotes). Therefore, these white people are supremacist.


Affirmative Action, if anyone is unfamiliar with it, describes policies that would promote diversity in an environment (work place, school, ect) by encouraging others to take race, gender, ethnicity and other things into consideration. Encouraging a diverse community is one thing, but to fill a job or a seat in college based off of race or gender is unfair to the people who DID work very hard and just happened to be a race or gender that was a majority in said community.

For example, I would be offended if I learned I got a programming (web design?) position simply because I was female. I’d like to think that I got the job because I’m better than my competitors, not because I don’t have a Y chromosome. Yes it makes for a more gender diverse community, but a job is not about creating a more even male:female ratio.

It’s like not getting a seat in MIT because someone is an Asian male and MIT wants more Latino women in their physics program. Never mind if the Asian is CLEARLY better in all things math and physics, because MIT wants to show they have a diverse community, filled with inept people who got in based off their gender, or their ethnicity.

Plus, it’s humiliating. When you ARE a female in a programming community, a lot of people naturally EXPECT that you got in based on your gender. Then you have to work twice as hard to prove that you’re not only as good as everyone else, but you’re better. If employers were not so insistent on making a diverse community, maybe more people would believe I’m actually a good programmer. Yea, maybe the community or program would be like 90 males to 10 females, but at least you’d know those female were GOOD programmers. At least guys (or majorities) would be less bitter about losing positions and jobs due to affirmative action. At least people would be getting jobs they DESERVE.

But back to this white supremacy deal. Denouncing Affirmative Action apparently safeguards white control by giving minorities an advantage based on their race, gender or social upbringing.

He expands on this by bringing other minorities (rather than just blacks and whites) and explaining how there is a Latin Americanization of Whiteness, where there are three distinct communities: Whites, Honorary Whites and Collective Blacks. Bonilla-Silva uses this structure because it is similar to the social structure of Latin America, where skin tone plays a major role in “how white you are” and “how white you’re not.” It also considers the other minorities of America (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans fall under “Honorary Whites”, while Filipinos, Vietnamese and Laotians fall under “Collective Black”).

The big kicker was when he tried explaining that Asians were natural prone to anti-Latino and anti-Black sentiments. He also went on to explain that Asians support the end of Affirmative Action, which puts them in the “Honorary White” section. As if Asians were whites.

I was throughly disturbed when Bonilla-Silva essentially put Chinese/Korean/Japanese Asians (We’ll call them Oriental) in this “honorary Asian” group, and South-East Asians in the “Collective Black” group. You CANNOT simplify racial discrimination into three categories. ALL races have very individual problems. Asian Americans (or Asians in America) have their own shit, their own stereotypes and their own social problems to deal with, just as any other culture does. I still have people who are shocked and amazed that I can deliver a speech without some chinkish accent, so I don’t see how we could be clumped up with the white folk at all.

Or clumped with the black or latino folk (I am South East Asian, after all).

And to end the lovely paper (there goes that sarcastic lacing), he discusses how social scientists should support this sentiment because if 25% of our population is African American / Latino, 25% of all Doctors, Lawyers and Government Officials should be African American / Latino.

Well then. Since 73% of the population is white, 73% of all rappers/hip hop artists should be white. Oh, maybe we’ll even have an Asian in the entertainment business who doesn’t do fucking kung fu.

This is not racial equality. This is a disgusting piece of biased sociology trash that has been put forth for no reason other than to bitch, moan and complain. Yes, racism is rampant, but it is not so easily defined into the three bullshit clumps of society he described. Affirmative Action is not racial equality, it is minority supremacy.

As an Asian and as an American, I am horrified and deeply offended that this shit would be put in my college textbook.


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