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Well, so much for consistent blogging. It’s hard to blog every day, or even often, when most of the stuff you talk about are econ-related and 1000 words long, and you don’t have much time to blog. But now I’m bitching.

It’s been a very interesting and busy summer, and I’ll be away for about a week and a half (aka, not in NY), so I apologize if I will have a posting lull. I promise it won’t be as long as my last one!

And, since going to Otakon, I have obtained pictures from Kawarazu of me in my costume, so I will be putting that up in the cosplay section ASAP. Please be on the look out for them, if you have not seen them already!

Prior to reading this post, I would highly suggest you take a look at this article here, since what I am talking about will be pertaining to this merger to combat Google, which has been the subject of many editorials and articles in newspapers as of the late (with a general concentration in NYT, since that’s a newsletter I just about must read every day). For more reading, you can also go here (be warned, it’s another NYT article).

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Recently, Yahoo and Microsoft decided on a demi-merger to try and compete against Google's powerhouse search engine. The mention of a merger seems to always perk my interest, but I have not been following this one as closely as I should have been, and it both surprises and amuses me that two previous competitors, that I remember as competitors, are now partnering up (now I know how it feels to get old). Although I feel that this merger won’t achieve it’s goal of matching up and eventually defeating Google (even with the merger, Google controls 65% of the search engine market), I find it interesting that both Microsoft and Yahoo are spending a lot of money in a market they have long since lost. Plus, anything that Microsoft does usually amuses (or infuriates me) in some way, shape or form.

In any case, the general concept of the merger is as follows: Microsoft gets control of Yahoo’s searching stuff, and Yahoo gets a very (very) large portion of the advertisement money for their own sites. Microsoft gets more control of of search engine technologies, which will boost up their own search engine (Bing!), and Yahoo will get more publicity and money from being a part of Microsoft search engine, without having to pay for search engine development.

Although it sound good, I worry about how both companies will do in the future. Microsoft can easily dump the project and concentrate on other things (their Operating System, Office Suite, ect), but Yahoo is very dependent on their control of internet-related applications, including their search engine. And, because Google already owns a lot of control (65% for people who forgot and are too lazy to scroll up), I am skeptical to believe that a Microsoft-Yahoo merger will put a serious dent in Google’s number one product.

Still, I am hopeful that this will encourage Microsoft to spend more money developing the technologies they now have control over, which will (hopefully) increase their usage and encourage others to use Bing/Yahoo. I am not saying this because either are strong search engines (I, myself, will probably continue using Google), but because it will give some sort of option between Microsoft’s Bing! and Google’s…. Google, and will pull Google away from the dangerous “it’s going to be a monopoly and will be broken down soon” concept.


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