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Hey guys, I’m still at District Convention, and we’re wrapping things up, so here’s a semi-short blog post! After my last blog posts on literary geeks, I decided to take a step back and reflect upon ALL geek cultures of all geek world. Besides, I found this picture(PICTURE), and I couldn’t help but pick out which geek “societies” I fall under. So far, I think I fit:

Cosplay Geek, MMO Geek, Webcomic Geek, Travel Geek, Con Geek, Papercraft Geek, Book Geek, Electronics Geek, Drama Geek, Scrapbook Geek, Anime Geek, Spartan Geek

There are probably more, so feel free to point them out to me.

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Picture of the Now

GEEK (noun)
Reference: Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster Dictionary.com

The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as “a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc.”

My high school was very big on celebrating geek spirit. One of my friends, in fact, wrote an end-of-the-year speech where she exclaimed and celebrated the all around geek-hood of Bronx Science. Even the jocks were on the math team (it was a very interesting school).

When I went to college, the celebration of geek-hood was also seen, but in a very different light. There is a lot of separations between what kind of geek you are, and I found that geeks of the same major tended to clump together. This was, and still is, a problem for me, and I’m sure it is for other people who seem to fall into more than one geek culture.

The rant side of me complains that the geek culture is being misinterpreted and misrepresented by mainstream society (note the I ❤ Geek signs that plague our streets). Which it is. The term “geek” is associated with computers, tech-savvy nerds and video games. Those kinds of geeks (I’ll refer to them as computer geeks for now) mostly encompass males, the stereotype being that these computer geeks are socially-inept, awkward, technology-obsessed males who have the skin pigment of a vampire that does not sparkle in the sun.

Which is not true (the fact that all geeks are tech fanboys). For one, computer geeks are usually not THAT socially inept. And, not all geeks are computer geeks. There are literary geeks (which I is one of am), Student Government dorks, History buffs, Music geeks, Trekkies, Sport Geeks, Fanboys (Like these guys)… the list is endless.

And while part of me screams at society for being retarded fuckwits who need to categorize everyone and everything, part of me is happy for knowing that, somewhere, at least some people are experiencing the geek transformation into some sort of geekdom, whether it be into the world of comics or cosplay.

Anyway, today, I you all to take this time to celebrate all works and worlds of all geek cultures, from the student leadership geeks who get together to scream their heads off, to the computer nerds who live in comp sci labs. Go out there, find a geek, and hug him/her.

And if you can’t find one, hug yourself.

Also, Best cheer ever:
e to the y, dy dx,
e to the x, dx
Cosine, secant, tangent, sine,


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Midterms, midterms, midterms! *melts into a big puddle of brain mesh* All the midterm studying is getting to me! I’ll be having my last one tomorrow, and I already know I’ve flunked one (damn you computer science and your super-long proofs). I’ve never had so many serious (hardcore?) exams in a row. I guess I’m learning what it really means to be in college.

Otherwise, nothing really has been going on. I’ve updated pieces of the wordpress. I know people want to see me do new hairstyles, so I did a very quick assassin-type hairstyle.

I also watched this new anime, or the start of a new anime, called Midori Days.

Kawarazu said that I’ve seen him read the manga before, but I don’t seem to recall it. But it’s very cute. And has a couple of breast shots.

Midori Days is about Seiji, who is a high school delinquent with a reputation for getting into fights in school. One day, he wakes up and finds a girl has replaced his hand. And by girl, I mean a girl that is a size equivalent to his hand (aka: very small, and her lower body seems to meld into his arm). We later learn that Midori has had a crush on Seiji and has gazed upon him from afar.

It’s definitely a unique anime, and something that I found to be entertaining.

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So yesterday, I picked up The World Ends With You (TWEWY), again. It was a spur of the moment decision that came about after looking at various characters for cosplaying. Shiki (the main female character in TWEWY) caught my attention because I had wanted to cosplay her when the game just came out.

After playing the game again, I decided that I really did want to cosplay her (goodness gracious, that hat is adorable).

I am not a particular advocate of Japanese RPGs (although I did play a lot of them). I know people are bothered by the lack of player-interaction, and the unnecessary amounts of grinding, but I don’t see why people complain so much about it. Usually, I’d much rather play a JRPG than a WRPG (Western RPG). For one, there are far fewer of them (I can only name 3 on the top of my head), and I would venture to say that the story line of most are much less in depth.

Also, I really don’t mind not having a customizable character (which is something that, again, a lot of people complain about). I mean, I’m following the story of this dude. JRPGs are story-driven. Of course there will be a lot of cut scenes and text to push the story forward. I know some of you guys are clearly more interested in shooting a guy in the head than following an actual story, but RPGs actually, you know, have a story line with character development. The character, not you, develops. I, personally, think it’s interesting to read it all. It’s like reading a story, except in an entirely different medium. Plus, I find that getting another piece of the story can be far more accomplishing than getting a head shot on some random soldier.

But that’s just me.

I play too few FPS’ to actually call myself an FPS player. Those who know me will agree when I say that, of all the games I play, I play the fewest shooters. To me, they’re simply not enjoyable. There are the few that I really do enjoy (The Call of Duty series, despite being –imo– a very generic war game, was entertaining for whatever reason), but I can’t say I’m a fan of the FPS.

Western RPGs seem to concentrate far too much on customizing the character, and spend far to little time telling a story around a character, whereas JRPGs seem to do the opposite. Both have found a little “niche” that fits with what they’re aiming for. I just wish there were more JRPGs that had a little more depth (Nocturne) and more WRPGs that had a little more story (Morrowind).

And the only way WRPGs are really fun, to me, is when mods are used. Mods mods mods mods mods. Yes, customizing and making modifications to games can be fun, but if that’s practically the point of the whole damn game, I find it rather pointless. With all the efforts going to making modifications, a whole different (NEW) game could be made.

I think it’s unfair to clump all the JRPGs together, just as I don’t clump all the Western FPS’s together. For example, Final Fantasy XII is totally different from Nocturne, which is way different from Valkyrie Profile. Even in series, like the Final Fantasy series, things can be different. For example, Final Fantasy Tactics is a turn based system that moves across a grid and allows characters to change classes and buy weapons. Final Fantasy XII, on the other hand, uses a real time system with menus (it’s supposed to mimic the fighting system in Final Fantasy XI, except with annoying loopy arcs going between the player and the monster).

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