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I’ve been in another zone, so my writing (creative, rantage or otherwise) has really gotten flat. Plus, I’ve been doing a lot of cosplay, meeting up with a lot of people and stuff like that.

So, for now, my work is on hold. Apologizes to all people who actually read this on a daily basis. 😛


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Sorry for all the late posting and being totally out of the loop. I’m running out of things to write about, being that I’m actually enjoying life (now that college is over and all). It’s funny. Now that I’m out of college, I have so much time to do what I want to do, but I have so many things I want to do, I squish them all together and I get less done than I should.

Besides that, I’ve also been in North Carolina enjoying my time with some folks down there. This weekend, I attended Animazement and worked kind of as a staffer/volunteer thing (which was a completely new experience for me). This week was also the first time I attended a convention NOT as a cosplayer (on Friday, I didn’t cosplay, which was a totally new experience for me). As a convention, Animazement falls in a very good medium. It’s not as huge as Otakon, Anime Boston or the other “large” conventions, but it’s not hotel-small like Youmacon. There are a lot of really friendly people. I did cosplay as Marie from Soul Eater, but I failed to take any pictures (silly me). I actually intend on doing the cosplay again (I just need a new wig), so expect pictures not-so-soon. It didn’t help that I didn’t have a camera.

Also, Animazement had a J-Rock band guest called Noize. They were pretty interesting. I’m not a particular fan of J-Rock or the fanbase that follows it, but the concert was throughly entertaining. One of the band member’s instrument (I think it was the bassist) was named “Super Vibrator.” There were a lot of sex references.

I throughly enjoyed the convention and it was a great way to start off the con-streak summer (Anime Next is, well, next). I’m still on my -tan mode, so I’ve been looking for ways to do the Thunderbird-tan cosplay that’s been filling my daydreams. It would be a spectacular cosplay to do.

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So I’m back to complaining about women.

It seems that, every day, I find a new excuse to complain about them. Today, it’s about their need to always be seen as “the underdog,” for lack of a better term. Many of them constantly complain about being the one that is put down “in society.” For example, many feminist say that women are constantly viewed as “objects in society,” because of how the male-dominated world in which we live in constantly put women in this separate, “lesser” category.

Let me explain a little more. Some women claim that men in their lives treat women (themselves included) as object. How? Men are possessive of women and won’t let other men touch her. This possession is, apparently, an example of objectification. A need to control their women, or so it is thought.

This makes me confused. Women are as possessive of their men as men are of their women. For goodness’ sake, a woman drove across the country in a diaper with a gun to try and kill her boyfriend who was cheating on her. I don’t see why women still whinge and whine about how men treat them unfairly when they themselves (as in, women themselves) do the same thing to their boyfriends.

For two, when a significant other tries to protect you from someone else flirting with you, he or she is simply being possessive because he or she cares. It’s not a gender issue in the slightest. This does not mean that men treat women as slabs of meat. Society as a whole only drives that statement because hardcore feminist still complain about it. There are really not that many men who actually view women as property. I mean, yes, we/they/people may joke about it, but there are very few men who actually view women as like “underling bitches and property.” That viewpoint is long dead.

For three, I am bothered by how women demand to be treated with their viewpoint of respect (open the door for me, hold out the chair for me, pick me up when I’m tired, pay my tab) and then say that men are being unfair because men treat women as if women were weaker.

I guess, my complaint isn’t so much to “women as a whole” so much as the feminist pricks that continue to claim that society puts women down because women are constantly discriminated against. They claim that men should treat them better, take care of women, and yet complain when men do so. In the end, these feminist arn’t asking for gender equality so much as they are asking for female dominance and a matriarchal society.

Society is not dominated by the male whites of America. In fact, if that were true, the simple idea of affirmative action would not exist. We, as society, may joke about racial minorities, and gender inequality, but the serious complaints come from parts of society (ex: feminist women) who demand more attention, more “equality,” and more control. In the world we live in today, white men are far more discriminated against than any other “racial/ethinic/sex-oriented” group.

As a woman of the Earth and a promoter of egalitarianism, I am continually bothered by these feminist. This tunnel vision is exactly why men bitch and moan about women bitching and moaning. Far too many women demand that they are being mistreated when, in fact, many are treating their men the same way they don’t want to be. This double standard needs to be stopped!

So, the next time your boyfriend says “you’re mine,” it’s not because he’s a chauvinistic pig who only sees you as a chunk of ham. And remember, he’s yours too.

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So I just had a practically 11 hour ride home from Geneseo to here, because my family decided to take over 15 pit stops to go to the bathroom (and by my family, I mean my dad). Because of that, I have no real time to blog today (duh) so I’ll be blogging tomorrow in between all my cosplaying adventures.

Besides that, I’ve just been generally relaxing and packing to go home (and of going, being on the road home). In total, I had 2 pieces of luggage, 4 large boxes, a sewing machine box, a pots/pans box and about 3 more bags of extra “crap.” I also had my laundry box that held all my books and crap.

Anyway! Yea, lots of things brought home… lots of things to unpack in the next few days.~ So expect a full report tomorrow

~ Mint

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I know I’ve been very much off my rocker about posting at the right place at the right time, but my “blogging” times have become more haphazard as I’m seeing myself being unable to sleep more and more (as I start writing this, it is 4:15 AM on a Monday morning).

Recently, I’ve been getting into an obsession with os-tan related comics and images (cause you know, I’m too poor for figurines and stuff). For example, my current background is this. Yes, if anyone was wondering, that is Firefox on top of Thunderbird. Seamonkey is the one with the anchor necklace and NVU is the one in purple. OS-tans originally started as personification of the Windows Operating Systems (from DOS to Vista), but has since branched into other Operating Systems and softwares/programs. All of these “characters,” which are usually drawn “anime” style, are aptly named their software plus “-tan,” which is a Japanese hornorific that derived from the more popular “-chan.”

ANYWAY. Yea. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. They almost make me want to install Windows ME in some useless computer somewhere. But then I’d feel bad for the computer.

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Newspapers. Because I grew up on them, my day is usually not complete without reading a newspaper, whether it be on paper or online through a site or RSS feed. My newspaper of choice, not oddly enough, is the New York Times (cause you know, I’m a city girl and all that good stuff), because it’s really easy to read and is chock full of information. Plus, since I’ve been reading it a while, I know which writers are biased to which subjects.

Which leads me to the topic of today, not so much about NEWSPAPERS, but the media in general. Many people, well at least the people I have talked to recently (and some, not so recently) mention that they can’t stand reading the newspaper or watching the news because they are skeptical about what the media has to say. Many people feel that the media blows things out of proportions and all that good stuff.

And it’s true. “The Media” is a big fan of news glorification. Giving us these shined up (or dirtied up, however you see it) versions of the true and straight facts. But if we already know this, why can’t we pick out the parts that are biased and simply ignore them? Are these journalist and media-folks simply too good at convincing America and, maybe, the rest of the world?

What people fail to realize is that you don’t have to take a complete newspaper as complete truth, or as complete bullshit. There are many levels and layers in between that, where people believe in “parts of what the newspaper says” and don’t believe in others.

Perhaps the American public needs a review lesson of what is “fact” and what is “opinion.” Or rather, they should learn that both “fact” and “opinion” can be used in a media form. It’s just a matter of distinguishing the two. Or, to make a more generalized statement, perhaps people should learn that it IS possible to believe in only portions of articles.

For example, we’ll take the very recent example of this “swine flu” obsession. One person died in America from the swine flu. You have as much right to believe this as you do to not believe it, although I’m not sure why a newspaper would try to convince you that a person didn’t died.

Then the newspaper continues saying that this “Swine flu disease is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation,” blah blah blah. This is, again, something you can CHOOSE to believe in. If you think newspapers and the media are over sensationalizing situations, then perhaps it is better to say something like “I don’t agree with this newspaper,” rather than to say “this whole newspaper is sensationalized and I find the whole article skeptical because of the opinion.”

Because clearly, opinions will change facts.

In the end, the facts will still be facts. You thinking that the Swine Flu is an epidemic will not change the numbers of death.

And the newspaper saying that it’s an epidemic doesn’t mean it should lose its credibility in every god damned thing.

Besides, there are more than enough newspapers and ways of finding the news that there is probably a newspaper that is geared towards your opinion. For example, I have seen CNN and I can confidently say that I do not believe in their political views. CNN may be very opinionated in their works, but they don’t beat around the bush and say “the unemployment rate is at 10.1%” when it’s really at 8.5 percent.

In the end, all it takes is a little MENTAL WORK to decide FOR YOURSELF which information you should take away, and which information you should leave in the dust. But that doesn’t mean we should avoid newspapers and tv shows like the plague, simply because it is “biased.” After all, everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

If you are skeptical about reading the news because it’s biased, please remember that not all newspapers are biased in the same way. There probably is a form of news by some possibly faceless group that gears towards your opinion and viewpoints. It’s much easier to pick out what’s to be believed and what’s not when you’re consistently reading a newspaper and know the opinions of the columnist. Then you won’t have to worry so much. Yes, I am encouraging you to READ a newspaper for once. Watch some news on the tele/tube/tv. Go out there and learn a little more about the world, through whatever medium you see fit (BCC World News, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Reddit).

And saying you can’t get to it is no excuse. It’s the 21st century, just go online and look it up. Google it, if you must.

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Earlier in the week, I posted a note on my facebook entitled “Internet Explorer Users.” It got quite a bit of commentary, both in facebook and in the form of people calling me up, telling me “HAHAHA I’M STILL GOING TO USE INTERNET EXPLORER.” Because the note is a little harder to find, I decided to just thrust it out into the open here, where it is far easier to find. There are a few minor corrections and additions, with special thanks (see bottom) to the people who made the effort to remind me that there are things I did not mention. Of course, if I were to talk about everything that was wrong with Internet Explorer, I could fill a large (think Harry Potter-long) book with all that is wrong with IE. But, I just have me and my good ol’ blog.

If you have parents, guardians or bosses who refuse to let you download another browser because “it is not safe to download stuff on the internet,” please at least direct them here or HERE in an attempt to fix the IE disaster. Remember, if you don’t try to stop something bad, you’re just as guilty as the person doing something bad (yea yea, collective responsibility, ect ect. You firefox users are just letting those IE fools get brainwashed! MAKE AN EFFORT, CHANGE THE WORLD. Freeze Ray. Tell your friends).

Dear Internet Explorer User,

Please stop using IE. As a concerned citizen of the net, I am disturbed by your choice of internet browser, and would very much like it if you moved on to bigger and better things. There are many options readily available and it does not take a rocket scientist to click a button and download an application.

Why, you may ask, should I use another browser? You might wonder, “Internet Explorer was what came with the computer, and I can certainly trust Microsoft, right?”

Wrong. There’s a reason why So people hope that Internet Explorer 8 will be the last release.

There are quite problems with using Internet Explorer. Here are just some below.

For one, many scripts do not work on IE. In lame man’s terms, Internet Explorer is not cannot read stuff that is written on a site. This is because the producers of Internet Explorer choose not to abide by all the coding standards that ALL OTHER MAJOR BROWSERS use. Although it is simple to say, “well just write code that is compatible with IE,” it is a grueling and aggravating task, and many web developers refuse to make their sites compatible with IE because it takes double the effort to do so. This leaves you with the problem of not being able to see the full beauty of a website, or not being able to see crucial information that could have been read from any other browser.

For two, Internet Explorer is a VERY slow browser. Speed is not all about your internet connection, and there are lots of things a program or picture has to go through in order to get from someone else’s screen to yours. A browser happens to be one of them, and IE is by far the slowest.

Of the top 4 browsers that are used (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), Internet Explorer is widely seen as the slowest browser. How is this found? Well, programmers and developers use benchmarks. For internet browser purposes, benchmarks usually test speed. How fast can a browser upload a page? How fast can a browser run a script (if it can even run the script)? How long will it take for you to see your pictures on your computer screen? Being that speed is, well, everything now on the internet, having a browser that is fast and reliably fast is important. I’m sure plenty of you guys know that, sometimes, it’s just a matter of seconds (yea, I’m looking at you ebay and woot users).

For three, IE is simply not a safe browser. The developers of IE8 have made many strides to correct problems with safety and, while they have made some effort, there are many other browsers that are as safe, if not safer, for usage. IE likes to claim that it is safer than other browsers such as Firefox, but it’s really not true. To take it a step further, Firefox also supplies add-ons (like a no-script extension), that works on top of its security, which IE does not have.

With all these problems, why is IE still in use?

Microsoft supplies IE with every operating system, which leads people to believe that IE is the “safe” choice, because it comes with the package. Many of these people are also afraid of downloading programs onto their computer and refuse to download browsers because they come in .exe files (not all online downloads are unsafe ones). Also, many people do not realize how painless and easy it is to switch to a new browser. You don’t need to uninstall a browser to download a new one (In fact, I really suggest you don’t do that with Internet Explorer because you’ll be removing things you need to update your computer and other files that you need to run your windows operating system properly).

And why can’t it keep up with its competitors?

“IE can’t ****ing get better, because they’re not LEGALLY allowed to look at the source code from other browsers! They’re so afraid of litigation for breaking the GPL, that the workers AREN’T allowed to fix things before they learn of security exploits! So IE’s only allowed to change things AFTER the damage has been done!”

In other words, IE is not allowed to improve from looking at other browsers, even though those other browsers may be open sources. The workers who develop for Microsoft Internet Explorer are limited to what they already have and cannot look elsewhere for ways to *prevent* things. All they can do is continually try to fix the many bugs they have (which they usually don’t do anyway).

And now that we’ve decided that IE is never a good choice for anyone, what browser should you use? Most browsers in use today are free, and they are very easy to download. Here are some great options you may consider:

Firefox (Mozilla) | Chrome(Google) | Opera | Safari (Apple)

Any of the four above would be great replacements for your Internet Explorer, and each of them have perks in their very own ways and you should look at each site to see which is the best for you (and if you happen to be looking for a replacement for Microsoft Outlook, I highly suggest Thunderbird). Certainly, if you want a slow browser that fills your computer with spyware and can’t upload pages properly, IE might be the way to go.

But if you’re like me, and you want a good, reliable browser with a developing team that consistently works for YOU, please find a different browser.

Yours in Service, Leadership & Fellowship,

Concerned Citizen and Web Developer
lukito.cki@gmail.com // xoco.mint@gmail.com

For more information, please visit We Don’t support IE or google the information on your own. It’s right there people.

Also, something interesting picked up by a friend: LINK.

Thanks to Bill, Alex, Bonnie, Allen Yu, and all my web designing/development folks who understand my pain and suffering. Oh, and the IE-users who commission me to make websites (aka: the people who inspired me to stay in my lair of college-dorm-ness so I can spend an extra week trying to make my site compatible with IE).

Special thanks to Vince and Phil, for their wordy contributions.

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Hey guys! Sorry I missed last time’s post, I’ve been really all over the place. I’m sorry, and I’ll try to be more consistent in the future. Finals have come around, and things have been getting pretty hectic with regards to life, schoolwork and other social necessities (necessities because society says they are so). I’ve been manageable, school is about to finish (hurrah)! Besides that, I’ve been doing a lot of in-my-room-web-design work, pretty much shacking in my room for hours upon end just typing up css files.

Besides that, I’ve noticed a lot of people redirecting others to my site for the purpose of saying I’m a bad person. You can find the comments here. Meh!

In other, semi-related stuff, please post comments on the wordpress site, not the damn facebook site. You don’t need an account, and (seriously) it just takes a click of your button to put a smile on Jo’s face.

I have also been finishing out what I’m going to do this summer. I’m trying to cut back on convention attendance and all that stuff, but it’s been a slow process. I also have things like HOLDING A JOB, which make it very important for me to go to less anime conventions.

Aannd… watching new anime. I just started on a manga series called Pandora Hearts, which was recommended to me because it takes heavily off of the Alice Adventures.

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As a friend and I were driving (he was doing the driving) to Walmart to pick up some bacon and cabbage for okonmiyaki that I never made, we got into a topic about Anime Elitists, which really doesn’t have a definition. I kind of take Anime elitists as people who insist on watching “real” anime, rather than “shit” anime, although even that is a vague description. So, after thinking a bit, I came to the conclusion that “shit” had some sort of correlation to “mainstream” anime.

After much more thinking about it (since, you know, I have no life and this is what I think about at 4AM on a weekday night), I realized that, while I haven’t compiled a concrete definition of what an anime elitist was, I could certainly try to point out similarities that each of them had.

For one, there’s a deep seeded hated against mainstream anime and an insistence that most to all mainstream work is poorly made. But why should mainstream anime be considered “crap,” just because it is well liked by the rest of society? During this discussion, said friend had mentioned “I watch crap anime too,” ect ect ect. But what constitutes bad anime?

But we’re moving into a tangent. Point being, Anime Elitists refuse to watch most mainstream anime, or popular anime. Or, if they do, they are usually overly critical.

For two, there is a type of “scoff” that these Anime Elitists do when you mention that you watch a certain anime, or do a certain anime-related thing. For example, people always apologize to me when they tell me they watch “Naruto,” or “Bleach,” as if I absolutely hated either anime. In actually, I don’t hate them, I just am not a big fan of them and don’t follow them as much as (haha) weeaboos do. I eventually learn that most of these viewers (of Naruto, Bleach or other mainstream animes) have friends who are Anime fans that continually mock those animes. OR, these viewers have some sort of idea set in their head that “hardcore” anime fans have this bannage against mainstream anime.

Which is not true. I know plenty of anime fans that watch Shounen-Jump-Mainstream anime (I’m just putting them all under this one title, so bear with me). But even these people make me wonder, because many of them don’t like to admit that they’re fans of said animes. As if it was something to be embarrassed about.

For three, there’s seems to be a burning desire from most anime elistists to “show off their anime information,” which instantly makes me go back and think of “weeaboos.” After much more thinking, I decided that weeaboos can be anime elitists in the sense that they have a very shallow perspective on anime. The main difference, however, is that weeaboos have a knack for embarrassing themselves in public and for not understanding personal boundaries.

After all this thinking, I started to wonder if I had ever met or if I knew any elitists (and I do know of quite a few). I wondered why I liked them, if I found them so similar, in some ways, to weeaboos (except with a difference in genres and such). I mean, both of them take a very shallow perspective of anime.

Then, of course, I realized I was a moron and should have just taken a look at their names. Anime elitists are just that. Anime elitists. They are fans of anime who find themselves knowledgeable about, well, what animes they like. Weeaboos, on the other hand, simply seem to lack the intelligence to know when to stop. Wapanese folks let their love of anime and all-things-Japanese pool into everything they do, and they don’t stop (especially at anime conventions). Also, I have a personal problem with weeaboos because they’re always trampling on my costumes.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be on the extreme side of either spectrum. But if you must, don’t be a jerk about it.

PS: I know I’m going to get someone commenting on my “bear with me” comment to tell me it was wrong. Just so you know, I looked it up to make sure I was spelling it right:

“The confusion between this latter verb [bare] and “bear” creates many unintentionally amusing sentences; so if you want to entertain your readers while convincing them that you are a dolt, by all means mix them up. “Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience. “Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress.”

Thanks guys! And sorry for taking so long! I’ll try to be more punctual!

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